AAEA held the 2013 Executive Board Meeting on November 13 in the Philippines.

AAEA(Association of Asian Election Authorities) held the 2013 Executive Board Meeting on November 13 in the Philippines.
= The major points of Executive Board Meeting of AAEA =
First, the Executive Board reached the consensus to hold the 2014 AAEA General Assembly in India, the present Vice-Chair of AAEA, and approved Mr. Lee Jeong-Kyu, Deputy Secretary General for Planning and Management of the National Election Commission of Korea, as the new Executive Secretary of AAEA.

Second, it examined the application submitted to the AAEA Secretariat Office from the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan and the Election Commission of Maldives for their memberships respectively, and decided to put them on the table as one of agendas in the next General Assembly.

Third, in return for cordial efforts by the COMELEC(Commission on Elections of the Philippines) to host this year’s Board meeting despite the natural calamity, members of the Executive Board came to an agreement by consensus to make a $10,000 contribution out of $45,449.21 AAEA fiscal balance to the COMELEC under the name of AAEA shortly after its financial report to help victims by the super typhoon, Haiyan.

Fourth, regarding the amendments on the Charter to be discussed and adopted in the next General Assembly, the Executive Board approved 3 amendment proposals:
- to shorten the interval of holding the General Assembly from once every three to two years in order to boost mutual exchange among AAEA members;
- to clarify authority and terms of the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Association on its Charter, so that it is made clear the election body of the host country for the General Assembly shall be the Chair of AAEA and the other for the next meeting shall be the Vice-Chair of it; and
- to change the way to designate its Executive Secretary from the hands of its Secretariat Office to that of the Chair who will be in charge and control of its Secretariat Office.

Lastly, the Executive Board members discussed how to collaborate between AAEA and the Association of World Election Bodies (A-WEB) as well as promised to build a close tie with each other after the briefing on outcomes of the Inaugural Assembly and major projects of A-WEB from its Secretary General, Mr. Kim Yong-Hi.

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