2010 AAEA Executive Board Meeting - Seoul, Republic of Korea

2010 AAEA Executive Board Meeting

2010 AAEA Executive Board Meeting

Seoul, Republic of Korea

28 October 2010



Call to Order     

The Meeting of the 2010 AAEA Executive Board was called to order by the Chairman at 10:00 am on 28 October 2010 at Lotte Hotel Seoul.  Five Executive Board Member electoral commissions including the National Election Commission of the Republic of Korea, the Election Commission of India, the Election Commission of Indonesia, the Department of Elections of Sri Lanka, and the Central Election Commission of the ROC (Taiwan) have all presented their delegates to the meeting.




      The agenda is approved.

 2.      Secretariat Report

         I.           FINANCIAL REPORT

    With regard to the collection of the membership fee for the year 2008, nine fee-remitted member states are Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines, the R.O.C. (Taiwan), and Sri Lanka.  For the year 2009, only six out of seventeen member states have remitted the membership fee for year 2009. In addition, Republic of Korea and Taiwan have remitted the fee for year 2010. (Please see page 11 for the lists of membership fee remitted and non-remitted countries.)

  On 17 August 2010, Executive Secretary of the AAEA has officially extended a letter to encourage fee non-remitted members to make the payment as early as possible.

   Resolved – that

  The financial report of the AAEA is approved.




  The Sixth Presidential Election of Sri Lanka was scheduled on 26 January 2010. His Excellency Mr. Dissanayake, Commissioner of Elections of Sri Lanka, extended an invitation to AAEA to organize a team comprising of about 50 observers to monitor the presidential election in Sri Lanka. Former Chairman Rai of the AAEA accepted the offer and has agreed to form the electoral observation mission to Sri Lanka.

  The AAEA fielded 41 observers who were drawn from the 14 member commissions to observe the election on 26 January in 22 electoral districts. Commissioner of Elections issues necessary instructions to all the Returning Officers for providing requisite security to the observers and facilitated them in the observation of the whole electoral process covering pre-poll arrangements, polling and counting of votes.  On the last day of the election observation, the AAEA mission submitted a report to Mr. Dissanayake, the Commissioner of Elections.

  AAEA was honourably offered the third-time opportunity to form an electoral observation mission to Sri Lanka.  All members have received the warmest hospitality as feel like home and unstinting assistance extended by the Commissioner of Elections and the Department of Elections of Sri Lanka.  The AAEA would like to take this opportunity to express to Commissioner Dissanayake and the Department of Elections the most heartfelt gratitude.


Resolved – that

The report on holding the electoral observation to Sri Lanka Presidential election in January 2010 has been ratified. 



The AAEA Executive Board has resolved to extend an official letter to invite the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT), the Central Election Management Council of Japan and the National Electoral Commission (CNE) of Timor-Leste to join the AAEA membership in the annual meeting of 2009.

 The invitations were extended to the aforementioned election authorities on 10 May 2010.  However, the Secretariat has not received any response from them yet.


Resolved – that

This report has been notified.



 The AAEA will be holding a seminar of Absentee Voting System at Taipei from 14th to 17th of December 2010, including arrival and departure day. The association will invite scholars, and experts from the IFES, Japan, and election authorities of AAEA Executive Board Members (the Republic of Korea, India, Indonesia, Sri Lank, and the R.O.C. (Taiwan)) to join the seminar.

 To enhance and expand the voting rights, this seminar aims at sharing electoral ideas and experiences by taking both academic and practical approaches on the topic of absentee voting system.  Two scholars and experts from Japan and the IFES will be invited to make academic and theoretical reports. Electoral professionals from five election management bodies, the Republic of Korea, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Taiwan are expected to report electoral operation from a practical point of view. For example, which types of election could be applied by the absentee vote, what is the eligibility of absentee voters, how the absentee voting system is operated and how the registration for absentee vote is processed, and other relevant electoral administration, etc.  


Resolved – that

The issue of holding the seminar in Taipei has been noticed.



 I.           AAEA FLAG DESIGN

 The AAEA flag appears in the 2005 General Assembly for the first time and was designed by the Philippines COMELEC, former host Secretariat. The electric blue was used as the flag background to represent the core election values of justice, fairness and openness. A shining sun of canary yellow symbolizes the spirit of democracy that shines the future bright by the only means of sustainable electoral systems and the adhered fourteen rays present the members of the association.

  For the reason that the number of AAEA members has increased to seventeen and will most likely continue to increase in the future, the Secretariat has firstly proposed the issue for discussion at the 2008 AAEA General Assembly either consider to redesign the flag or to make modification on the explanation to the design concept.

   The 2008 meeting finally resolved that each interested party may submit their own redesign which shall be submitted to a vote along with the design of the original flag at the next AAEA General Assembly in 2011. In the past, the Secretariat has extended an invitation to members to propose redesigns in July 2008.  However, none of the members has submitted any proposal to the Secretariat.


  It is with this goal in mind that the Secretariat proposed four designs to the Executive Board in its 2009 meeting.  The Board assigned the Secretariat to adopt the proposed design by partly removing Middle East and Australia from the map.  The Secretariat would like to submit the adopted designs to seek suggestions and recommendations from the Executive Board.  It is also expected that one of the following designs would be chosen to be submitted to vote along with the original design at the next AAEA General Assembly in 2011.



Resolved – that

1.    The Board suggests that the grid of the maps in the designs should be removed.

2.    The colour of orange yellow is applied to emphasis on the letter “E” and “Election”, and on the Map of Asia. 

3.    The design is modified below.


4.      MOTIONS


Decision on where and when to hold 2011 AAEA General Assembly. 


According to the AAEA Charter, the AAEA Executive Board Meeting shall be held once ever three year. Please discuss the host country of the next Executive Board Meeting.

According to the AAEA Charter, the AAEA general assembly shall be conducted at least once every three years.  In view of the fact a general assembly of the AAEA was held in July 2008, the next general assembly shall be conducted in year 2011.


Resolved – that

the National Election Commission of the Republic of Korea has been chosen to be the host of the 2011 General Assembly of the AAEA, and the meeting date will be decided when the NEC reaches the decision.

 Adjourned at 11:57