1. AAEA Outline

(1) Official Name : Association of Asian Election Authorities(AAEA)

(2) Year established : 1998. 2. 10.

(3) Background

  • International Foundation for Election System(IFES) had pioneered in establishing the Association of Asian Election Authorities(AAEA) consisted with members of 12 Asian Election Authorities.

(4) Purpose

  • Discuss and act upon the methods to realize open and transparent election with the purpose of supporting desirable govern and democracy in Asian region
  • Provide the neutral venue of exchanging information among election authorities

(5) Present Member states : 20 Countries
     (Chair : Election Commission of India;Vice Chair : Commission on Elections of Philippines)

  • Republic of Korea, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan , the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan and Maldives.

2. AAEA Activities

Established AAEA (The philippines, February, 1998)

  • Founded with 12 members from Asian election authorities

Hosted the 1st Executive Board Meeting (Nepal, March, 1999)

  • Discuss the way of financing AAEA operating cost
  • Discuss the location of AAEA Secretariat

Hosted the 2nd Executive Board Meeting (The philippines, February, 2002)

  • Decided to relocate the location of AAEA Secretariat from the headquarter of IFES to Asian region
  • Resolved the admission of Cambodia and Indonesia at the General Assembly

Hosted the 3rd Executive Board Meeting (Taiwan, August, 2003)

  • Postpone the year of hosting the General Assembly to 2005 from 2004
       (In consideration of election schedule, etc.)

Hosted the General Assembly (Taiwan, March, 2005)

  • Announced the way of securing transparency of election management systems
  • Elected new executives

Hosted the 4th Executive Board Meeting (Taiwan, September, 2006)

  • Decided to finalize the admission of Bhutan and Afghanistan at the General Assembly

Hosted the 5th Executive Board Meeting (Indonesia, June, 2007)

  • Decided to finalize the admission of Republic of Korea at the General Assembly

Hosted the General Assembly (Taiwan, July, 2008)

  • Announced the methods of legally settling the dispute on election
  • Resolved the admission of Republic of Korea, Bhutan and Afghanistan
  • Elected new executives (Chair : Taiwan, Vice Chair : Republic of Korea)

Hosted the 6th Executive Board Meeting (Taiwan, December, 2009)

  • Discussed the logo of AAEA
  • Discussed the admission of Malaysia
  • Decided the host country of Executive Board Meeting in 2010

Hosted the 7th Executive Board Meeting (Republic of Korea, October, 2010)

  • Reported the work of the Secretariat (Financial status, Results of dispatching the observer to Sri Lanka for its presidential election, etc.)
  • Modified the design of AAEA flag
  • Selected the host country of the General Assembly in 2011

Hosted General Assembly (Republic of Korea, October, 2011)

  • Introduced the modified design for AAEA flag reflecting the request of 2010 Executive Board Meeting
  • Discussed the reinforcing methods in AAEA activities
  • Elected new executives (Chair : Republic of Korea, Vice Chair : India)
  • Application of being admitted from Malaysia : Took to forthcoming General Assembly

Hosted 8th Executive Board Meeting (India, July, 2012)

  • Introduced the agenda to get the approval for the newly elected AAEA Deputy Secretary General
  • Opened AAEA Homepage
  • Selected host country of Executive Board Meeting in 2013
  • Reported the progress of establishing the Association of World Election Bodies(A-WEB) and gathered the opinion regarding the 2nd Working Group Meeting for the A-WEB
  • Discussed the way of facilitating the share of information among members

Hosted 9th Executive Board Meeting (India, October, 2014)

  • The 2014 Executive Board meeting was held on October 29, 2014 at New Delhi.
  • It decided to endorse, among other things, a report to the General Assembly of the Association.
  • Admission of the Russian Federation as a new member of AAEA and a discussion on how to run the 2014 General Assembly.

Hosted General Assembly (Election Commission of India, October, 2014)

  • The 2014 General Assembly of AAEA was hosted by the Election Commission of India at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi on 29 October 2014. The General Assembly considered and took the following decisions:

  • India was unanimously elected as Chair by the General Assembly.
  • The General Assembly elected the Philippines as Vice Chair and designated it as host for the next General Assembly.
  • Mongolia, Bhutan and S. Korea (outgoing Chair) were also elected as Executive Members.
  • The General Assembly also admitted the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan and Maldives as new members.
  • The General Assembly reviewed the activities of AAEA, received a report from the AAEA Secretariat and approved some amendments to the AAEA Charter to streamline selection of Executive Board members, their tenure and functioning of the Secretariat.
  • Matters relating to financing and future activities of AAEA were also discussed.
  • The General Assembly considered suggestions about raising the membership fee, regularising the system of fee payment and issue of reminders to defaulters.

In January 2015, AAEA sent 25 observers from member countries for an observation mission to Sri Lanka’s Presidential

  • Election Commission of India in its capacity as Chair AAEA, sent 25 observers from member countries for an observation mission to Sri Lanka’s Presidential elections on the invitation of Commissioner of Elections, Sri Lanka to AAEA. The AAEA Observation Mission under the leadership of former Chief Election Commissioner of India, Dr. S.Y. Quraishi was present in Sri Lanka from the 02nd of January to the 11th.
  • Twenty-five members of the AAEA International Observer Group were subdivided into several groups of observers to cover most of the administrative districts of Sri Lanka. All groups reported normal conditions in their respective areas. The issuing of ballot papers, ballot boxes, and other election paraphernalia were observed to have proceeded with no significant incident.

Election Commission of India hosted the 2015 Executive Board meeting of the Association of Asian Election Authorities (AAEA) in New Delhi, coinciding with the International Day of Democracy (September 15), as declared by the United Nations. Dr. Nasim Zaidi, being chairperson of AAEA for two years term presided over the meeting as the current Chair of the Executive Board. Senior representatives from Election Commission of Bhutan, Mongolia and Republic of Korea participated in the deliberations of the Executive Board. After the Executive Board meeting, ECI also hosted a half-day seminar on election-related themes where presentations were made by delegates from Bhutan, Mongolia and India