The 2013 AAEA Executive Board Meeting was held in the Philippines despite the natural calamity by the super typhoon, Haiyan.

Boracay ,the Philippines | November 2014

The 2013 AAEA Executive Board Meeting was held in the Philippines despite the natural calamity by the super typhoon, Haiyan.
Boracay, the Philippines November 2013
The Vice-Chairperson (Mr. Lee Jong-Woo) of the National Election Commission of the Republic of Korea presided over the 2013 AAEA Executive Board Meeting on November 13 in Boracay, the Philippines, on behalf of the AAEA Chair (Justice Lee In-Bok). The meeting successfully came to an end as scheduled with the rest four Executive Board members in attendance. A full five Board members are the Republic of Korea (Chair), India (Vice Chair), the Philippines, Kazakhstan, and R.O.C Taiwan.
Around the time of this year, there were five major issues that the Executive Board will press as points for the next year’s General Assembly, where all 17 member states will be expected to take part.
The Executive Board reached the consensus to hold the 2014 AAEA General Assembly in India, the present Vice-Chair of the AAEA, and approved Mr. Lee Jeong-Kyu, Deputy Secretary General for Planning and Management of the National Election Commission of Korea, as the new Executive Secretary of the AAEA.
Board members also welcomed the thorough examination on new applications to the AAEA Secretariat Office from the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan and the Election Commission of Maldives for their membership. They decided to bring it up again in the upcoming General Assembly to confirm their new member status in the AAEA.
To top it off, the Executive Board finally came to an agreement on the amendments of three proposals to the AAEA Charter in the year ahead: shortening the interval of holding the GA from the existing practice, once every three years to once every two years; clarifying authority and terms of the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Association; and changing the way to designate its Executive Secretary by the Chair to reflect the reality.
They also discussed how to collaborate between the AAEA and the Association of World Election Bodies (A-WEB). They promised to build a strong tie between two organizations.
Most of all, this year’s Board meeting was held thanks to much of an effort and understanding by the COMELEC(Commission on Elections of the Philippines) in the face of the natural calamity, which left a lot damage to its host country after the super typhoon ‘Haiyan’ hit hard.
Members of the Executive Board were all well aware of how serious it was and showed sympathy to victims in the Philippines, who found themselves to be in trouble with much lack of support of their everyday life. In this context, the AAEA Executive Board tried to pool their wisdom and made a unanimous decision to put in a $10,000 contribution out of $45,449.21 AAEA fiscal balance to the COMELEC in the name of the AAEA to help people who suffer most from the disaster this time.