Election Equipment from the NEC of Korea in support of Bhutan and Cambodia

Seoul ,Korea | December 2012

 On December 5, 2012, The NEC of Korea (Chair of AAEA) has sent a bulk of election equipment to both Bhutan, which is slated for a parliamentary election in April, and Cambodia, for an election for lawmakers in July, 2013. They are all member states of AAEA as well.
 The NEC of Korea has sent 1 multifunctional copy machine, 25 lap-tops and 8 digital cameras for Bhutan; it has also shipped 5 projectors, 20 lap-tops and 6 desk-tops for Cambodia – both of which accounted for $79,961 in total in accordance with their requests respectively.
 From the start in support of Mongolia with 6,600 plastic ballot boxes in 2003, the NEC of Korea has provided 6,880 items(totaled $354,545) related to election equipment for 8 countries around the world until as of today. In addition, six nations among them, such as Mongolia, Nepal, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka, are now AAEA member states.
 The NEC of Korea has been looking forward to establishing the constant exchange and cooperation with the recipient countries by strengthening their capacity for election managements through this support.