The NEC of Korea participated in the General Assembly of UNIORE

Quito ,Equador | February 2013

The NEC of Korea participated in the General Assembly of UNIORE

 The National Election Commission (NEC) of the Republic of Korea said that on behalf of Korea, Standing Commissioner, Lee Jong-Woo, and Deputy Secretary General and Executive Secretary of Association of Asian Election Authorities(AAEA), Kim Yong-Hi, took part in the general assembly of Union Interamericana de Organismos Electorales (UNIORE) held in Ecuador on February 13.



 The NEC delegations attended the general assembly in line with the invitation from UNIORE and progressed the activities of explaining background, developing stories and future plan to establish the Association of World Election Bodies (A-WEB) that the NEC is taking the lead.

 UNIORE has supported democratic election system for its member countries and shown many interests in founding the A-WEB as an international association in which 29 electoral management bodies from 24 countries in the Americas are taking part.
 The representatives of about 30 electoral bodies including Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador who are the participants of this assembly along with the Chairperson of UNIORE and Dominican Republic Election Commission, Roberto Rosario Marquez, expressed active support of the establishment of the A-WEB and agreed to take part in the Inaugural Assembly of the A-WEB that will be hosted in Seoul in October, this year.

 The A-WEB which the NEC is pioneering in its establishment aims at developing the democracy around the world by promoting exchanges of information, knowledge and experiences in regards to election and providing systematic electoral supports for the emerging democracies.

 The NEC suggested the organization of the A-WEB at the forum on founding the A-WEB held in Seoul last 2011 and drew the supports from all participants (23 Governmental․Electoral Organizations). In addition, the NEC will host the Inaugural Assembly of the A-WEB during the 6th Global Electoral Organization Conference in October where delegations of world election bodies will participate.

 Moreover, the NEC has a plan of doing an activity of establishing the A-WEB by actively taking part in various election related international conferences such as 'The 4th Community of Democracies Working Group on Regional Cooperation' which will be held in Switzerland on February 27 and 'EC-UNDP Thematic Workshop on Sustainablitity In Electoral Administration' which will be jointly hosted by European Commission and UNDP in Mozambique, Africa on March 4, 2013.